Topkapı 29:
A New Topkapı,
A New Life In Istanbul.


Topkapı 29 > Ecosystem

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    Topkapı 29:
    A New Topkapı,
    A New Life In Istanbul.


    Topkapı 29 > Ecosystem

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      TOPKAPI 29…
      A lifestyle space to
      attract all Istanbul

      A major street, a lifestyle centre, a world of dining, culture and arts, of cinema and entertainment, of markets and lush parks – all within an ecosystem that embraces not only the residents of Topkapı 29, but the entire city…

      The indoor and outdoor areas of Topkapı 29 offer a wide range of facilities with a spacious shopping street, offices, world-renowned hotel, residence, wellness centre and clinic.

      "The synergy of traditional urban planning and contemporary life."

      — Chris Lanksbury, Chapman Taylor —

      Topkapı 29
      Shopping Street and Lifestyle Centre

      An innovative, spacious and comfortable shopping street and Lifestyle Centre, enjoying natural light in every corner of its indoor and outdoor space… ideally suited to a perfect and enjoyable shopping experience.

      Topkapı 29, Istanbul’s meeting point of the latest brands and trends, bringing a new excitement to Topkapı.

      Topkapı 29 Street

      At the heart of a dynamic lifestyle.

      With its bustling energy and enticing luxury, the Topkapı 29 Retail Street is the heart and soul of our project. With a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, it is surely destined to become the area’s vibrant, colourful and dynamic meeting point.

      Topkapı 29 Hotel

      İstanbul’un yeni çekim noktası.

      Designed by world-renowned architects, the Topkapı 29 HOTEL was planned with the input of a world-class hotel chain, and has an exceptional location right next to the shopping street, lifestyle centre, residences and offices.

      Topkapı 29 Residence

      Exclusive amenities at the heart of a revolution in retailing.

      Located right next to the hotel, shopping mall, leisure facilities and a world of dining opportunities –one of the liveliest points of the project – is the Topkapı 29 RESIDENCE with 100 apartments.

      Designed by the same world-renowned architects, this prestigious residence impresses with its spectacular entrance, private lounge and stylish terraces.

      Topkapı 29 Office

      Next-generation workplace.

      Combining an innovative combination of flexible offices and shared workspaces with a striking design, the Topkapı 29 Office brings new and dynamic brands to Topkapı.

      With balconies in all offices and a private terrace on the roof, the next-generation Topkapı 29 OFFICE building is located next to the residences, hotel and lifestyle centre.

      Topkapı 29 Wellness Center and Clinic & Medical Residence

      Topkapı 29 is investing in Health – the most important subject of our contemporary lives.

      It is bringing together new health trends and modern society’s changing demographic needs in two exceptional buildings. With an international brand, Topkapı 29 is planning a 5,000 m2 outpatient care centre.

      It is also planning a wider lifestyle experience with special reception, expert professionals, activity centre,  and recreational and sports areas. Topkapı 29 is opening up a comfortable, safe and supervised environment for residents of all ages who would appreciate special attention for the short or long term. Offering special, health-oriented consideration in both design and operation, this area offers guests a healthy and happy life and allows them to thrive within an enhanced ecosystem.

      Topkapı 29 Academic Apartments

      Topkapı 29 Academic Apartments. A youthful living and meeting point…

      A new address, embracing new and youthful trends with its own courtyard, cafe and workspaces… it appeals to the young with flexible, dynamic and contemporary design, a new concept and location for a sharing lifestyle…