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Topkapı 29:
A New Topkapı,
A New Life in Istanbul.

A unique life increasing in
value in the future.

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    Topkapı 29:
    A New Topkapı,
    A New Life in Istanbul.

    A unique life increasing in
    value in the future.

    Please fill in the form, and we will call you back.

      TOPKAPI 29
      Embracing the future
      and a glorious past

      On May 29, 1453, Mehmed the Conqueror entered Topkapı following a 55-day siege and captured Istanbul. With this conquest, Istanbul became one of the most important economic and cultural centres of a new era and has made its mark ever since as a centre of commerce, grandeur and wealth.

      Centuries after May 29, 1453, Istanbul is home to another historic occurrence of the number 29:

      Topkapı 29. Located at the historical point where Istanbul was conquered, Topkapı 29 offers you the opportunity to discover new values and tomorrows and live life to the full in the heart of the city.

      TOPKAPI 29


      Topkapı 29…
      At the heart of Istanbul,
      At the centre of Topkapı,
      At the centre of everything.


      Life is well worth
      living in Topkapı

      Topkapı 29 comes to life in Topkapı, the historical heart of Istanbul. Surrounded by hospitals, schools, business and lifestyle centres, its unique location is convenient for all modes of public transport.

      With direct access to the highway, it is also just a 10-minute walk from the metro, metrobus, tram and Marmaray stations. And with its proximity to the Zeytinburnu coast and excellent communications, the location is even more valuable.


      A brand-new, high-quality life in wide open spaces with modern architecture, high-quality construction, people-oriented design, wide green areas, and social & cultural riches!

      An innovative ecosystem;
      not just for Istanbul,
      but for the entire country.

      Meeting as it does all the day to day needs of its residents, Topkapı 29 is an ecosystem project that also serves as a major attraction for the entire city. We are bringing modern lifestyle, trends and universal values to Topkapı.


      TOPKAPI 29…

      Topkapı 29 adds value for the future with people-oriented design and creative architectural solutions in vibrant Topkapı, Istanbul’s historical neighbourhood.



      • Residential areas
      • Business world
      • Shopping street and lifestyle centre offering culture, art, entertainment and shopping
      • A world-class hotel and residence
      • Wellness centre, clinic and medical residence
      • Academic apartments

      TOPKAPI 29

      The architectural planning and design of Topkapı 29 bear the signature of Chapman Taylor, a long-established, London-based architectural practice. The company has won many prestigious awards for its world-renowned shopping malls, offices, houses and mixed-use projects.

      While bringing the neighbourhood to life with its innovative architecture, lush parks and visionary shopping street, Topkapı 29 also offers residents a sense of privacy and exclusivity with its sheltered inner courtyards. Offering a wide range of functions, Topkapı 29 also has the characteristics of a larger neighbourhood where everyone can enjoy sharing life experiences.

      Live every moment
      to the fullest at
      Topkapı 29.

      “Topkapı 29 was created by effectively organizing a wide variety of experiences to create a unique and distinguished project.”

      — Chris Lanksbury, Chapman Taylor —

      A model community based on a rational approach and a brand-new ecosystem that meets every resident’s needs. A world-class project with extraordinary design, wide scope and functional synergy…

      A Sense of Confidence: Because You Are Worth It!

      Full confidence in superb construction quality, unique architectural design and the highest earthquake safety standards… Evidence of the great confidence Akzirve has in Turkey itself, demonstrated by its ever-increasing investments in the country…

      Comfortable Designs: Because You Are Worth It!

      An innovative design approach prioritizing human comfort and a healthy lifestyle helped by large balconies, terraces and gardens in high-ceiling apartments…

      Topkapı 29

      You will write brand-new stories and experience special moments of joy every day at Topkapı 29.


      Topkapı 29

      A modern, individually planned
      community within a larger ecosystem.
      With beautiful courtyards, green spaces with exceptional landscaping, streets, piazzas and spaces for social gatherings, the Topkapı 29 Houses were designed to suit our vision of a modern, yet familiar style of neighbourhood.

      Imaginative, warm and
      comfortable houses to
      international standards…

      Topkapı 29 has 1441 expertly-planned apartments of a selection of styles in 16 residential blocks, with the number of floors ranging from 5 to 15. With sizes ranging from 1 room to 5 bedrooms, all of these spacious and radiant apartments offer excellent value with creative touches – and every apartment comes with either a balcony, a garden or a terrace.


      The perfect welcome…

      At the entrance of each residential block, a prestigious lobby welcomes you with high ceilings, spacious feel, and simple yet elegant design.


      Timeless, future-proof houses.

      The material textures and colour harmony in the apartments are fully integrated with the main design concept. Layouts with open and closed kitchen alternatives, suites, children’s rooms, special work and service areas, wide-opening windows and generous frontages…

      A sustainable design approach.

      Conceived and constructed with full respect for nature, the green buildings of Topkapı 29 are candidates for LEED Gold, the renowned environmentally-focused building certification system. The project is being built taking into account energy and water savings, minimum waste, improved indoor air quality, and respect for the environment and its inhabitants. Electric vehicle charging stations, bike paths and smart use of energy also add value to the project’s ecosystem.


      Healthy houses each with
      spacious balconies and
      a ceiling height of 3,05 m...

      Wide facades with opening windows and spacious balconies allow you to appreciate the high quality, spaciousness and comfort at all times…

      All apartments in Topkapı 29 are equipped with different living options for all tastes and lifestyles, along with an accessible luxury approach.

      Kitchens with a recipe for happiness

      Designs that enrich those moments of creative pleasure in the kitchen…

      A whole new bathing experience

      The most pleasurable experience with individual design and a true sense of space…


      Spacious apartments

      Each Topkapı 29 House offers spacious living areas with either a balcony, a garden or a terrace – the latter bringing a sense of the great outdoors right into the home. All apartments offer breath-taking lifestyle options with their large balconies of 8 m2 to 28 m2, or their private gardens and terraces of 35 m2 to 80 m2.

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      Experience every shade of green imaginable, every season… A living blend of architecture and verdant courtyards… Combing lush landscape with relaxing areas and a series of walking paths, each Topkapı 29 courtyard offers a different, special theme.

      Residents of Topkapı 29 will have access to an all-inclusive club designed for the best in exercising, swimming, relaxing, socializing, reading and working. Managed by a team of professionals, this facility at the heart of Topkapı 29 offers everything you need and more.

      A lifestyle space to attract all Istanbul. A major street, a lifestyle centre, a world of dining, culture and arts, of cinema and entertainment, of markets and lush parks – all within an ecosystem that embraces not only the residents of Topkapı 29, but the entire city…