Protection of Personal Data

This Information and Disclosure Form has been prepared within the scope of processing and transferring the “Personal Data” of real persons as regulated with the Law No.6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”). Any current information you share with our company and belonging to you will be considered as “Personal Data” within the scope of the Law No. 6698.

The security of your personal data is of prime importance for us and your personal data will be retained in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the legislation in such conditions as are in compliance with the legislation for the period required by legal obligations and in the most secure way possible.

a) Data Controller and Representative

In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”), your personal data may be processed by Akzirve Turizm İnşaat Gayrimenkul Yatırım Tic A.Ş-Akzirve Gayrimenkul Mermercilik Turizm. İnş. Tic. Ltd. Şti – Zirveler Gayrimenkul İnşaat Yatırım Tic. A.Ş.-Pega Petrol ve Gaz Endüstri A.Ş. within the scope of those explained below.

b) With which Purpose your Personal Data may be processed

Your personal data may be processed within the conditions and purposes for processing personal data as referred the in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law No.6698 with the purposes of performance of the obligations of our company and real and legal persons with which our company is in business relation, being able to inform those related parties with updates, establishing and performing the contracts to be made with you, reminding and fulfilling the legal obligations, being engaged in various advertisement and marketing activities, obtaining your opinion via questionnaires and voting, determining the suitable products, projects and services for you, customizing and developing the same for you, offering an efficient customer service, informing the changes in the legislation, and in-house policies concerning you or giving other notifications concerning you, celebrating your birthday, including you in various drawings or contests, giving presents and realizing other events, promotions and campaigns on behalf of you, informing you via electronic mail, SMS and fax, advising you of campaigns, sending printed bulletins, magazines and other writing to you with respect to campaigns, determining our visitor profiles, evaluating requests, wishes and complaints and carrying out human resources policies of our company, and responding to your requests and questions from you.

c) To whom and with which Purposes your Personal Data may be transferred

Your personal data is processed in compliance with the law and in good faith and for current, explicit and legitimate purposes correctly and when required, in connection with, limited to and restrained to the purpose for which they are processed in compliance with the principles of being retained for such periods as are necessary by the relevant legislation or for such periods as are necessary for purposes for which they are processed. Besides, on condition that the requirements prescribed in Articles 8 and 9 of the LPPD are complied with and the necessary security measures are taken, your personal data is, limited to the purposes listed under the heading of Article (b) of this Information, transferred to our direct/indirect domestic/overseas affiliates or subsidiaries, domestic/overseas/international public/private institutions and organizations, companies and other 3rd parties or organizations from which service/support/consultancy is procured by our company or with which cooperation is made or with which we are project/program/finance partner, other group companies being subsidiaries, consultants, shareholders or solution partners of our company, Central Securities Depository and other competent authorities and departments, suppliers or sub-contractors of our company. AKZİRVE may process and store your personal data on servers or other electronic environment available in Turkey domestically or abroad on condition that it takes the necessary security measures.

d) The Method and Legal Reason of collecting your Personal Data

Your personal data may be obtained by our Company through various channels, Akzirve center, branches, agencies, sales offices or its other sub-contractors or business associates and offices and other physical environments with which you may contact, call centers, websites, mobile applications and similar electronic operations platforms, social media or other public domain channels, your participation in training, conference and similar environments to be organized by those, research methods or via written, verbal, audio or video recording or other physical or electronic environment through other group companies or other persons and organizations with which they have contract. Your personal data may be collected, processed, transferred and stored with purposes referred to in Articles (b) and (c) of this text within the scope of the conditions and purposes of processing personal data as referred to in Articles 5 and 6 of the LPPD. Your personal data is stored for periods as are required by legal obligations or for such other periods as are permitted by relevant legislation in suitable conditions.

e) Your Rights as the Personal Data Subjects

In case you, as the personal data subjects, convey your demands in relation to your rights to our Company via methods regulated, our Company will finalize your demands in the shortest time possible according to the nature of your demand and within thirty days at the latest free of charge. However, in case a fee is foreseen by Personal Data Protection Committee, the fee determined in the tariff will be received by our Company. Within this scope, personal data subjects will have the following rights in this respect: Learn whether or not your personal data have been processed; Request information as to processing if your data have been processed; Learn the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether data are used in accordance with their purpose; Know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred; Request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately and, within this scope, request that the procedure be notified to third parties to whom personal data is transferred;
Request deletion or destruction of personal data in case the causes requiring the processing the personal data disappear although processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law and other related laws and, within this scope, request that the procedure be notified to third parties to whom personal data is transferred;
Object to occurrence of any result that is to your detriment by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems; Request compensation for the damages in case you incur damages due to unlawful processing of personal data.
In accordance with the paragraph 1 of Article 13 of the LPPD, you may convey to our Company your demands relating to exercising your rights mentioned above in writing. You may send your demand containing your explanations relating to your right you intend to exercise out of the rights referred to in Article 11 of the LPPD by filling in the form at the address www akzirve@akzirve.comby dispatching one originally signed copy of the form addressed to “Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad.Maya Akar Center No: 102 Kat: 27 D: 104 Şişli /ISTANBUL” in person together with the documents evidencing your identity or through a notary public.
Our Company reserves the right to make change in this disclosure notification due to changes that may exist in the LPPD and due to methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Committee.