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We have the experience that we have developed real estate projects abroad as a group.

The parent company of Akzirve still carries out its investments in Turkey, relying on its experience that it has completed real estate projects abroad.

The experience of our international group in the field of hotel, office and commercial unit development in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and gulf region constitutes also important experience for us. That experience shows the international dimension of Akzirve′s skills.

  • Financial power from international trade
"Akzirve is the investment and development company, in Turkey, of an international financial group, which has operated in commercial activities, particularly in mining and construction materials, in a broad spectrum all over the world for approximately half century as a gulf region-based company.

Akzirve is capable of constructing and handing over its projects on its own, without any financial support from any institution or entering into any partnership. It has a distinctive and solid trade register."