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About Us

We are giving a new impulse to the real estate industry with our experience of half century and our knowledge of 25 years in Turkey. Our projects that we will construct relying on our infinite trust in the future of Turkey are now available for you.

We are providing our international skills to Turkey by constructing buildings in a way to be internationally demanded. We are working only with the best agents in their field, and we are also doing our best to bring innovation to the national real estate industry.

We are conveying our experience gained as a result of the commercial activities, which have been performed all over the world for approximately 50 years, to Turkey. Leveraging on our experience in real estate development, we develop featured buildings in a way to be demanded even by the people in other countries and we construct these buildings in accordance with the international standards.

The history of Akzirve, having been operating in real estate and construction industry since 2010, dates back to the year 1992. The business in respect of manufacturing and investment, particularly in marble and ceramic fields, of the company has been carried out for approximately 25 years.

Establishing its first plant in Antalya in 2000 and starting to manufacture and trade marble after purchasing marble quarries, Akzirve has accomplished a significant level of exportation in this field.

It is the new, powerful and dynamic company of the industry; accordingly, taking the targets for 2016-2020 period into consideration, it will be priced in the middle and high level of the Popular and Premium product segment, and it will act as a residence, office and commercial unit developer. Akzirve has been investing in the related matters to the real estate field for years and now it is an innovative and dynamic company eager to display its skills as a developer.

Though we act collectively with our parent company which has a reputable place in international trade, we recognize Akzirve as a company which operates in the international markets, has gained its experience under the conditions of Turkey for years, carries out completely local business and whose principal office is situated in Turkey.
  • We are experienced
"Akzirve is the subsidiary of an international investment group experienced in the real estate development. Akzirve still carries out its investments in Turkey, relying on its experience that it has developed real estate projects abroad as a group. The experience of our international group in the field of hotel, office and commercial unit development in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and gulf region constitutes also important experience for us. That experience shows the international dimension of Akzirve′s skills. "