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Capitalizing on its experience spanning half a century in the international arena and 25 years in Turkey, Akzirve brings new life to the real estate industry with its innovative projects. Its endless trust in Turkey’s future enhances the size of its investments and projects, and its commitment to collaborating only with the best constantly inspires and energizes the industry. Designing projects with high international demand and adhering to international standards in construction, Akzirve is proud to offer Turkey only the best.

Akzirve began its operation and investments in Turkey 25 years ago in the real estate and construction industries. Establishing its first plant in Antalya in 2000 to manufacture and trade marble acquired from its own quarries, the Company has had significant success in exports.

Today, Akzirve’s universal and innovative designs in residential, office and commercial units built for both mid-price and premium segments, bring new dynamism to Turkey.


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As Akzirve, we feel the well-deserved pride of investing in Turkey for 25 years,developing value-added projects enriched by our financial power and international experience.

With our latest,breathtakingly-large project Topkapı 29,we are aiming to bring many novelties to the Turkish market, while strengthening our competitive advantage. As a company that is advancing in its investments and the realization of innovative living concepts, we have endless trust in Turkey’s strength and potential to grow. That’s why we continue to create world-renowned, dynamic living spaces that generate social and economic value.

Abdullah Müftüoğlu / Board Member

Experience, Knowledge and Financial Power…

Akzirve is a proud subsidiary
of an investment group with international experience
in real estate development.


Akzirve strives to lead, inspireand leave its mark in the real estate industry, with its innovative and distinctive projects.

Aiming for a steady, assured and safe growth, Akzirve aspires to create unique projects of the finest quality while increasing its capacity every day. All projects are developed on Company-owned land, which enables Akzirve to construct on its own and gives the Company a competitive advantageous competitors.

Another quality that differentiates Akzirve from others is its strict adherence to principles that value human life and the environment.Rather than filling the defined project zone completely with concrete, Akzirve reserves spaces for large, green parks and social areas where residents can enjoy a healthy atmosphere.


Akzirve builds unique structures thatis worthy of Turkeyand will soon become the new symbols of Istanbul, with their unique architectural concepts, technical qualities and high standards.

Projects developed by Akzirve are distinctive for preserving their value over time, bringing gain both to its investors andtoits residents.  Striving to “create more value with the same amount of investment”, Akzirve aims to create high-quality projects that stand out, and to introduce novelties to the industry.

Akzirve’s projects are also designed to attract interest from foreign investors.In other words, residential and office projects designed for the international market are offered to local investors, which give them the opportunity to make an investment in the global market.


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As a subsidiary of a conglomerate, Akzirve holds a competitive advantage for having developed real estate projects abroad. It capitalizes on its know-how and experience acquired while developing hotel, office and commercial units in China, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and other countries the Gulf Region. This experience attests to both Akzirve’s international presence and its international quality standards.

Akzirve is the investment and development company of a Gulf-based international financial group which has been conducting its commercial activities,particularly in mining and construction materials,for 50 years in a broad geographical area. Akzirve is capable of executing its projects on its own, without the need of financial support from other institutions or of entering into partnerships.

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Only The Best


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Being part of a greater organization that is always open to learning and change, Akzirve constantly improves itself. It prioritizes identifying the needs of Turkey and its people, and pays attention to their current sensitivities, attitudes and behavior. Akzirve also shows equal respect and tolerance to all ideas, perspectives and approaches, taking pride in being a progressive and broadminded organization that is open to new ideas.

Akzirve develops its projects while bearing the common values of society in mind, and promises respect to human rights, local laws, as well as the cultural atmosphere and attitudes. When designing projects, it pays special attention to using qualities that bring different factions of society together in peace. This way it enhances the social fabric and contributes to societal unity.
Also undertaking civil society initiatives to benefit nature and humankind, Akzirve invests in education and health projects that make a difference.

Environment First

Focusing first and foremost on the environment and human life, Akzirve differentiates from its competitors easily. Instead of filling its project zones with concrete structures, it reserves land for green spaces and social areas that promote a healthy life. In order to create areas that embraces nature and a sense of community, Akzirve incorporates progressive values to its projects, especially respect for nature.

Innovative & Dynamic


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