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Still constructing new living areas!

04.05.2016, İstanbul

New Project at the Heart of Bahcesehir

Strada Bahcesehir project is designed as a construction zone of 350 thousand m² on a total 102-acre-land area in 3 different stages. It is planned 2500 independent units in total, including residences and commercial areas, to be constructed.

*The total construction area is 475.000 m².
(The indoor parking lots and other underground structures are included in the total construction area)

04.05.2016, İstanbul

Zeytinburnu Ambarlar Project

Adding the land of Istanbul Nakliye Ambarlar Sitesi to its portfolio in 2014, Akzirve Gayrimenkul is constructing 1850 residences and commercial units on the land of 85 acres in total, including the social areas.